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Blodbad (Live) from "Eon's End" DVD

posted in November 4th 2017

“Blodbad” has always been a bit of a live favorite within the band so it was great to perform it on Roland’s farewell show and capture it for our “Eon’s End” DVD. Fast, relentless and doesn’t give any breathers for the band nor the listeners. A great preview of a clearly spectacular DVD from an amazing night."

/Richard Sjunnesson

“Blodbad” (Live) from "Eon's End" DVD

New music video "The Heartbleed Bug"!

posted in October 23th 2017

After the overwhelming good reactions we got from; “Legendary”, which is a song perhaps leaning more towards the more classic The Unguided sound, we are super excited to see what the fans think about the main single; “The Heartbleed Bug”! This tune is truly a roller coaster ride, and indeed shows new sides of the band and the joint songwriting versatility of the current line-up. For the video we wanted to invite the fans into our world, so we brought a filmmaker to most of our shows the past months to capture both events off and on stage with a mission to compile it into this music video after the summer was over. This is the result! This is purely us, we welcome you to the family and keep in mind everyone have that one weakness, your closely guarded exploit, your heartbleed bug…

/Richard Sjunnesson

“The Heartbleed Bug” from upcoming album “And The Battle Royale”

"King of Clubs" (live) from "Eon's End" bonus DVD

posted in September 29th 2017

A sample song from the upcoming bonus DVD of "And The Battle Royale" album.

"King of Clubs" from "Eon's End" DVD

First single "Legendary" lyric video out!

posted in September 16th 2017

“Instrumentally “Legendary” was among the first songs written for the album. We did however not select it for the “Brotherhood” EP, thus it became a bit of an underdog track during the entire process. But as everything came together and the mix of the album eventually showed up there was no denying this was one insanely hooky and accessible track, the fate of this song indeed turned from a filler to a potential single. The word “Legendary” sung in the chorus, with its impressive vocal harmonies, might very well be one of my favorite moments of the album. The melodies are simply too hard to resist! Lyrically it’s a conceptual track and is dealing with the past trilogy of albums and their achievements in retrospective. There’s perfect vocal synergy and really catchy instrumental work. In regards to all this; it couldn’t make me happier than to present it as the first song out from “And The Battle Royale”.”

/Richard Sjunnesson

“Legendary” from upcoming album “And The Battle Royale”

Pre-order new album

posted in September 2nd 2017

Official web-shop back in action and with it the pre-purchase of the upcoming album; "And The Battle Royale"! Get the bundle with the whole party (including new t-shirt design; "Death's Sting") or casually just pre-order the album + any shirt you want and you'll get an "And The Battle Royale" poster for free sent with your order. Thanks for your support! (Album out 10th November 2017)

Pre-order here!