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The Book of The Unguided audio drama

posted in April 20th 2018

Online Voices and the SixOneSix company presents the first audio drama made from The Book of The Unguided. One act will be released every Friday the coming weeks! Enjoy the great writing of Paul "Wiggy" Wade-Williams, unique art of Kuang Hong and amazing voice of Adam Behr as they bring life to the conceptual essence of the band's first 3 albums.

The Book of The Unguided, Canto I - Act I: Betrayal in the High Heavens

New shirt designs available!

posted in April 8th 2018

New shirt designs "Wolf Pack" and "Dark Metamorphosis (Grey)" available in the webshop!

"Eon's End" DVD available on YouTube!

posted in March 29th 2018

"Eon's End" The Bonus DVD of "And The Battle Royale" is now available on YouTube in mind HD quality! 

The Unguided - Eon's End

Creating the "And The Battle Royale" art

posted in March 17th 2018

Check the progress video of Kuang Hong's amazing art for "And The Battle Royale". 

"Creating the "And The Battle Royale" art

Bottle Royale black IPA out now!

posted in March 3rd 2018

The bastard son of Brasstacks Brewing Co. and your favorite band is now unleashed upon the world. Enjoy this beautiful black IPA! Order it at Systembolaget in Sweden here