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The Book of The Unguided, Canto II audio drama

posted in February 16th 2019

Online Voices and the SixOneSix company presents the second audio drama series in 6 parts made out from The Book of The Unguided, Canto II. One part will be released every Friday the coming weeks! Enjoy the great writing of Darren William Pearce, unique art of Kuang Hong and amazing voice of Adam Behr as they bring life to the conceptual essence of the band's latest album "And The Battle Royale".

The Book of The Unguided, Canto II - Prologue: Adam's Knee

The Unguided coming back to Norway!

posted in December 30th 2018

The Unguided will come back to Norway the summer of 2019! Get your tickets here

The Unguided TV Xmas Special IX

posted in December 25th 2018

You’ve been waiting an entire year but now it’s finally here!

The annual tradition of our Xmas special. You never know what to expect but this year you get quite a marathon from us. We were thinking that the holidays is mostly about celebrating with your kith and kin but everyone is not as fortunate and obviously the feeling of loneliness gets extra enhanced during these couple of days. Fear not! You can now hang out with our singers for 2 entire hours (!) in this “feelin’ alright with the crew”-simulation as they walk you through the past eventful year which is coming to a sudden end but also visualize the future steps of the band. All this while throwing a beer tasting event in between the chit-chat (yes, it does get a bit messy towards the end...)

Merry Xmas to all the unguided free minded ones.

Black week is on!

posted in November 19th 2018

Official webshop is restocked and you'll get 10% off if you enter "TU2018" during checkout. Check out the merchandise here

Celebrate Halloween with us in Malung!

posted in October 14th 2018

The Unguided will be going Malung for an Halloween show in November with support Strykjärn! See you there

NOVEMBER.2.2018 - Folkets Park Orrskogen - Malung - SWE