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posted in March 2nd 2016

By now everyone got their first taste of “Lust and Loathing” and we didn’t see a more fitting way to celebrate that, than to release our second music video of the album! Unguided people of the world, meet; “Operation: E.A.E.”.

The first music video by the band to be recorded in a live context. This is a bit extra special, as it’s recorded in the band’s hometown and birthplace; “Falkenberg”, at the Swedish west coast. The raw material was captured during December 12, last year, in the venue "Falkhallen", by the very talented 11 Frames Productions (Eye of The Thylacine, Inception & Betrayer of The Code). They got to follow the band, with their cameras, the entire day and I think the fans that was there can sure feel how they infused the real energy and atmosphere at the show, in this very clip.

See for yourself:

Operation: E.A.E. Music Video


posted in February 26th 2016

”Lust and Loathing” is now finally unleashed upon the world and along with the new album, we also launch a new official homepage! Don’t miss the release shows in Falkenberg (DownTown Rockbar) and Stockholm (Kägelbanan) this weekend, and hope you enjoy the hard work that was put into creating “Lust and Loathing”. After the weekend, we’ll start to prepare for the upcoming Europe tour “Lust and Loathing in Europe” with our brothers in “Eyes Wide Open”!