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posted in April 12th 2016

Upcoming tour is just around the corner! Premiere in Malmö / Sweden in 2 days. Take a look at the media section to find all details. If you like what we do, support the band and come out to the shows!

APRIL.14.2016 - Rebel Live Club - Malmö - SWE
APRIL.15.2016 - Rider´s Café - Lübeck - GER
APRIL.16.2016 - The Rock Café - Hamburg - GER
APRIL.17.2016 - Urban Spree - Berlin - GER
APRIL.18.2016 - From Hell - Erfurt - GER
APRIL.19.2016 - Rudeboy Club - Bielsko-Biała - POL
APRIL.20.2016 - MC Fabrika - České Budějovice - CZE
APRIL.21.2016 - Rockfabrik - Augsburg - GER
APRIL.22.2016 - Explosiv - Graz - AUT
APRIL.23.2016 - Viper Room - Wien - AUT
APRIL.24.2016 - Hudební Klub Melodka - Brno - CZE
APRIL.26.2016 - Café Central - Weinheim - GER
APRIL.27.2016 - Panic Room - Essen - GER
APRIL.28.2016 - Hedon - Zwolle - NLD
APRIL.29.2016 - A Genne Kromm - Eygelshoven - NLD
APRIL.30.2016 - Stichting PoGo - Gorinchem - NLD
Promotional video


posted in April 8th 2016

The music video of the latest single; "Heartseeker", from the new album "Lust and Loathing" just hit the world yesterday! And it does seem to stir a lot of emotions out there. As it’s addressing familiar issues; that most people unfortunately have learnt to live with and accept. Whatever you can relate to it personally or have a close friend, family or special someone in your life that’s under some of these circumstances, I think the subject at hand leaves no one unaffected. And I also think we can agree to; that one key to an easier life is to receive; care, acceptance and empathy of the people around you. All of which are human capabilities, but still manages to be a rare enough ingredient in this dark and cold age of the world.
Production once again done by the talented 11 Frames Productions (Inception, Betrayer of the Code, Eye of The Thylacine and Operation: E.A.E) and a lot of extra credits to the team of enthusiastic volunteers working very hard, during the two days of filming, to make this happen. Not to mention all the planning that went into it.
Special thanks to:
Eric Bäckman “Cat Casino” (Ex-Deathstars)
Emelie Ohlsson
Fanny Lundberg
Nelli Halkosaari 
Lina Skoogh
Kristin Liljesand + family
Ella Tgld
The band
Harrys Falkenberg
DownTown Rockbar
For putting in hard work just to make this possible.
Says Richard Sjunnesson: 
"New The Unguided music video "Heartseeker"! loving the fact that people are so involved. Thank you!"
"As far as radio edits and WRTN "all over again"-topics goes. You have to understand there's a difference to when it's a mutual band decision and when it's not."
"We all wanted to do something different with this production. We all wanted to go full circle with the clean, artistic and modern approach. So we did. And that decision-making had absolutely nothing to do with the label or any third party person we're surrounding ourselves with. I love the album version of the song, I really do, but for this particular project; a radio edit was more fitting. In most regard to the album version being my own story, whilst the video is a completely different story."
"Also there's definitely an aspect to keep it short, simple and snappy wrapped up in a beautiful production to drag as much people as possible into our unguided world. And as you already know "scary" screaming vocals is not on the main menu of the feeble minds (BOTC reference) of the common folks, who might just come around eventually when they try the album after digging the radio edit. Not by kicking in their teethes with the heaviest part we have on the record (i.e. the middle-eight of album "Heartseeker"). That's not how you make new friends!" wink
"Don't see it as a insult to the more metal background of the band, open your mind and view it as a recruitment operation to get more people to the right side of the force."
"Besides, I still need money for that Thylacine expedition. There's been recent sightings! Donations welcome."


posted in April 4th 2016

The upcoming 2016 tour; “Lust and Loathing in Europe”, is just around the corner. We’ve loaded our unguided gun with a magazine of 19 songs, some of which we’ll alternate between during the different nights. Some of which we never played before live, some really rare ones and of course all the classics! No one will leave disappointed! Get your tickets today and see you in a few days!!! German and Austrian fans can buy their tickets directly here:


posted in March 3rd 2016


We’ll start with the bad ones, since we want this to end on a positive flank, right?
The band is extremely sorry to announce that we’ll not be coming to Russia in March. As surely some of you have already figured out, in regards to the cancelled Facebook events and also tour dates being removed from our new webpage…

It’s with heavy hearts, as we’ve been looking forward to come back ever since we had our premiere shows in Russia back in 2013.  There’s really an upstream of bullshit reasons from RockinNation Agency after they finally started to answer our booker, just recently, after a month of radio silence. We’ve been dying to get the visa process started, but have been unable to do so hence of RockinNation Agency not finding the time in their schedule to reply to the multitude of mails, sent their way.

Obviously we will not give up our hope to come back to Russia, but will make sure it’s a more serious contact next try. Very sorry for the inconvenience, this is entirely out of our own hands.

In all this mess, there’s good news you say? Well, maybe not to compensate for the mischief regarding the Russian shows but it’s a little something at least. The music video of “Enraged” have now reached 100k views which means we’ll release the behind the scenes video! Hope you’ll like it, and don’t miss our latest music video “Opeartion: E.A.E.” and keep spinning “Lust and Loathing”!

Making of "Enraged"


posted in March 2nd 2016

By now everyone got their first taste of “Lust and Loathing” and we didn’t see a more fitting way to celebrate that, than to release our second music video of the album! Unguided people of the world, meet; “Operation: E.A.E.”.

The first music video by the band to be recorded in a live context. This is a bit extra special, as it’s recorded in the band’s hometown and birthplace; “Falkenberg”, at the Swedish west coast. The raw material was captured during December 12, last year, in the venue "Falkhallen", by the very talented 11 Frames Productions (Eye of The Thylacine, Inception & Betrayer of The Code). They got to follow the band, with their cameras, the entire day and I think the fans that was there can sure feel how they infused the real energy and atmosphere at the show, in this very clip.

See for yourself:

Operation: E.A.E. Music Video