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New "616" EP & video out now!

posted in January 14th 2023


“Uncompromising modern metal unit THE UNGUIDED bless the scene with their newest EP, 616! Bringing back their notorious, quick-tempered, high-voltage sound, the band are now releasing a collection of their most beloved songs assembled from their incredible musical catalog. The salient Swedes offer this collection of heavy songs re-imagined and re-recorded to retrace their own history. With tracks and videos that have reached more than 4.5 million streams to date, this EP puts a pristine twist on their creation without neglecting their roots.

The four re-imagined and re-recorded tracks that encompass 616, showcasing the never commencing stagnation of THE UNGUIDED. From songs like “Phoenix Down” from 2012 to 2017’s “Iceheart Fragment”, they embark on a sonic journey to reaffirm their own legacy. Rejoicing in their own hymns, “Unguided Entity” offers a worthy instruction to their works and explosive soundscapes, which culminate in “Eye of the Thyclavine” - the final song on the EP. THE UNGUIDED prove time and time again that they are here to leave a lasting impression and guide the scene back to the roots of modern metal!”

Watch the brand new music video and documentary below!

Iceheart Fragment & Unguided Entity (Re-Imagined)

New EP on it's way!

posted in November 30th 2021

Today we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of our debut album “Hell Frost”!

It’s really hard to imagine that a decade have flown by after forming this band and releasing its much loved debut. Let’s be honest it have, as you all know, not really been a straight path. More like an ever-changing adventure, resembling life itself, where loved ones leave but also new people find their way into your existence and become an essential part of it.

At this day one thing is clear however and that’s that the essence of The Unguided have remained steadfast during all the 10 years and the ones that have both been with us on this journey and currently are have remained strong during the 5 albums we’ve been able to produce. We’ve always respected our past and will continue to do so but now we are also eager to gaze forward as we enter this next step in our unguided history.

In the unguided workshop we are currently preparing something special for you and we hope you are also anxious to see what comes next! But before we dive face forward into the next album cycle, it’s customary to start with an EP and we are pleased to announce that it’s heavily on its way! A little different concept this time around to honor the 10 year anniversary and also to sprinkle some extra spice on it from the extra years of experience we have accumulated.
Thanks for staying with us during all this time and feel free to share some memories from the “Hell Frost” era!

/Richard, Roger, Richard & Jonathan

Where Love Comes To Die

posted in March 28th 2021

The Unguided released new music video after interactive fan event!

Richard Sjunnesson off THE UNGUIDED on the new video “Where Love Comes to Die”:

“We’ve been sitting on this video for quite some while now! Our first thought was to save it for an eventual tour but that’s not going to happen in quite some time, so we just decided to do an interactive event with the fans to “unlock” the new music video. It’s for the only ballad on the album Father Shadow and we once again got the opportunity to work with Patric Ullaeus who filmed both “Crown Prince Syndrome” & “Where Love Comes To Die” during the same day! Roger and my sister and her husband can be seen in the video as the actors.”

Watch the brand new music video below!

Where Loves Comes to Die


posted in March 6th 2021

The web shop is restocked and there’s currently a drive with a lot of old and rare items from both The Unguided and Sonic Syndicate. All purchases counts towards the goal of releasing a new music video. Head over to the web shop and see if you find something you like! The first week was a success and made 40% progress towards the release.


posted in December 2nd 2020

The Unguided – Father Shadow

The album “Father Shadow” have been out now for almost 2 months and it got some great reception from you! As the world is a bit upside down we are currently focusing on our private lives but we are dying to get that post-pandemic tour booked to come out and see you all and support the latest album on the roads. Hopefully this will happen after the summer of 2021. As per now we have one show booked next year (you’ll find it in the touring section) and more is coming in so just have a little patience and let the world heal and I’m sure we will see each other really soon! Don’t forget the check the web shop since it’s regularly restocked with new awesome The Unguided merch.

The Unguided – Never Yield

The Unguided – Stand Alone Complex

The Book of The Unguided, Canto III - Epilogue: Royalgatory

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